WHO: Tenacious Turtles Organization

WHERE: The Tenacious Turtles Charleston Organization will be based out of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

PRACTICE FIELD: 501 Wilson Avenue, Charleston, SC

SCHEDULE: Based off our Long Island model, this program will intend to practice 2x a week during the Fall, Winter and Summer months. We give our players the Spring months off to dedicate themselves to their middle school and high school teams. 

TOURNAMENTS: This club will register for 2 Fall tournaments and 3 Summer tournaments. 

TUITION: Each player will pay $2,250 for our yearlong commitment. Due to our partnership with Lacrosse Unlimited, we will provide the following:

  • Gloves 
  • Jersey
  • Shorts
  • Shooting Shirt
  • Helmet

TUITION: Starting in January, the Tenacious Turtles will be holding tryouts for only the summer season. This tuition includes similar gear packages and benefits with 3 summer tournaments as locally based as possible.

WHY: The Tenacious Turtles Program was founded on the value of balance. Balance in every aspect of life including athletics. We believe the club lacrosse circuit has become overwhelming and time consuming. Clubs are constantly asking their players to quit other sports to dedicate their time and money to their program.

This is NOT the case with the Tenacious Turtles. As a valued member of our family, we encourage multi-sport athletes to develop in other areas of athletics. With our directors being multi-sport athletes, we believe the benefits of being well rounded outweigh a year-round commitment. This balance has allowed our children to dedicate, develop, and enjoy their time with the Tenacious Turtles when we are in season.

The Tenacious Turtles has proven their success and commitment to the players and families by offering opportunities to compete in college.