Connor DeSimone

Connor's lacrosse journey began at Smithtown East High School, where he made an indelible mark as a four-year starter. Accumulating an impressive 270 career points, he notched 143 goals and 127 assists, solidifying his reputation as a formidable player on the field. His excellence earned him accolades such as the Long Island Attackman of the Year (2017), a distinguished spot in the USA Today All-America roster, and the esteemed distinction of being a two-time US Lacrosse All-American. Further solidifying his prowess, he also shone as an Under Armour All-American and clinched the title of Under Armour All-American Game MVP.
Transitioning to Johns Hopkins University, Connor showcased his versatility by thriving in both attack and midfield positions. In his freshman year, he garnered recognition as the Bob Scott Freshman of the Year, a distinction well-deserved as he contributed 16 goals and 2 assists.
A significant turning point came during his junior year when Connor moved to the attack position, where he showcased his leadership by spearheading his team's goals, assists, and overall points. This remarkable feat earned him All-Big Ten honors, the prestigious title of Johns Hopkins Attackman of the Year, and even secured him a nomination for the illustrious Tewaaraton Award. Wrapping up his college career, he amassed a total of 65 goals and 63 assists, culminating in a commendable 128 points.
Presently, Connor's journey continues as an attackman for the Archers Lacrosse Club. His seamless transition to the Premier Lacrosse League is a testament to his adaptability and unwavering dedication to the sport. It's worth noting that Connor stands as one of only two undrafted rookies who have not only earned a spot but also made their mark in the majority of games—a true testament to his exceptional skill and determination.