Player Rosters and Training

Every Turtle plays every game, and every Turtle contributes. No Exceptions.

We play 2 fall and 4 summer tournaments with local travel.

The Turtles program is built on player development.  Our only goal is to make our players better. We believe that practice and training is what will prepare our players for the next level. 

Our year long programs includes a consistent offering of practices and development session throughout the year. Generally, we offer 1 session a week throughout the fall and winter and 2 session a week as things begin to heat up through the summer time.  We understand that people play multiple sports and we encourage multi sport athletes so we understand the commitment to the in-season sports, but during the summer we expect commitment to our program. We aim to give our players the most opportunities to put the stick in their hands and get better.

With our coaches coming from the highest level and in tune with the trend of the lacrosse world we can offer the most modern, relevant practices available. Every practice and training session will be new and we offer an intense, fun experience for our players that develop them both mentally and physically. 

Lacrosse has become the most overplayed and under practiced sport with tournaments and championships becoming the focus of clubs teams success. Our goal is create and develop well rounded lacrosse players. Tournaments to us are the reward for the hard work that has been put in throughout the year

When you join the Turtles you don't only get to be a part of the team, you are a part of a training program throughout the year.