The Tenacious Turtles Program was founded on the value of balance. Balance in every aspect of life including athletics. We believe the club lacrosse circuit has become overwhelming and time consuming. Clubs are constantly asking their players to quit other sports to dedicate their time and money to their program.

This is NOT the case with the Tenacious Turtles. As a valued member of our family, we encourage multi-sport athletes to develop in other areas of athletics. With our directors being multi-sport athletes, we believe the benefits of being well rounded outweigh a year-round commitment. This balance has allowed our children to dedicate, develop, and enjoy their time with the Tenacious Turtles when we are in season.

Founded in 2007 by Joe DeSimone, The Tenacious Turtles are a private educational school that is committed to providing the best lacrosse experience for our players. Our students are offered a year-round development program that includes over 100 private training sessions from our coaches and staff members.

Being built upon multi-sport athletes, our club encourages well rounded individuals with ample commitment during the summer season.



"Our commitment to our players and their ability to develop over time is pivotal in who we are. We intend to have our children to be varsity ready by 8th grade and college prepared by 12th grade. We do this through interpersonal training, film breakdown, and development sessions with our athletes. 

Committing to the Turtles is a commitment to yourself that you will receive the best, most up to date coaching in hope to prepare yourself for future adversity. "