Tiny Turtles

Recognizing the paramount importance of nurturing player development from an early age, we understand that the club circuit may not be suitable for every age group. With this perspective in mind, we proudly present the Tiny Turtles Program.
Structured as a ten-week developmental series, the Tiny Turtles Program operates throughout the year. Led by our esteemed Tenacious Turtles coaching staff, this initiative revolves around imparting the fundamental principles of lacrosse in a dynamic and engaging manner.    
Our dedicated coaches take the lead in instructing young participants in both the rules of lacrosse and the crucial nuances of the game. The program creates an environment that not only fosters skill enhancement but also instills a passion for the sport, promoting a love for learning and growth.
To learn more about the upcoming Tiny Turtles Series and to delve into the enriching experience we offer, kindly reach out to us at info@turtleslax.com. We look forward to providing your budding athletes with a solid foundation and a zest for the game.