As of 2022, Connor DeSimone and Chris Gray have joined the Tenacious Turtles Program to help lead our players and coaches in a new direction.
With their expertise and guidance, our coaches will continue to learn new philosophies to enable our children to succeed at both high school and college levels. 
Chris Gray has taken on the role of Director of Player Development. Throughout the year, Chris holds exclusive Tenacious Turtles training sessions to our players in the program. Through these teachings, our children receive personal feedback from someone other than their coaching staff, allowing them to hear from multiple voices and coaching styles.
Connor DeSimone has taken on the role of Director of Coaches Development. Throughout the year, Connor DeSimone teaches and adjusts coaching styles to ensure our program is developing and adjusting to the modern style of play. Connor is constantly giving new drills, in game scenarios and fun teaching adjustments to our coaching staffs and players.
Together, Chris and Connor intend to properly prepare our children and coaches for the challenges of elite high school and collegiate lacrosse.