Tryouts will be a 2-day evaluation process per grade and will take place the week of July 17th - 21st.

  • Who: The Tenacious Turtles Lacrosse Club
  • What: Lacrosse Tryouts for the Upcoming Season
  • When: July 17-21, 2023
  • Where: The location is Turtles Field C Road and Fish Path, Edgewood
  • Why: To evaluate players' skills and abilities and select a team for the upcoming season

Following the last tryout, an invitation will be sent out to each player within 24 hours. Those who are offered a spot on the team will have 24 hours to make a deposit to confirm their commitment. If a player does not confirm within 24 hours, the spot may be offered to the next person on the waitlist.

We are looking for players who are dedicated, hardworking, and passionate about lacrosse. If you think you have what it takes to join the Tenacious Turtles, come out and show us your skills!

 The location is: 

Fish Path, Edgewood, NY. 

Turtles Tryout Registration for the 2023/24 season – Tenacious Turtles Lacrosse (